The very stylish and poised fashion blogger Lex Henry has a very beautiful message, styling and fashion tips for all her fans and followers. In this interview with Lex, GCGme gets an exclusive insight into her day to day styling psyche – the best advice tips and tricks she has picked - up throughout her career plus love- yourself confidence mantras. This interview session will not only leave you with the best fashion tips but also a very positive attitude towards life  We are all ears for sure!

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1. How was your trip to Jamaica? How did you prepare for your outfits that you took with you on the trip?

My trip was amazing! It was everything I had expected and more. It was great to get out of the States for a few days and experience a new culture. When it came time to packing for my trip, I knew the climate in Jamaica was hot and sunny typically, with rain periodically. My rule of thumb for any trip is check the weather in advance, then pack two outfits per each day. You have an easier time mixing and matching pieces, should you change your mind on what to wear.

2. What style and fashion trends and tips did you notice while you were in Jamaica?

Jamaica is like Los Angeles in the summer. Hot, not too humid, and sunny. People typically wear less but the fashion is very colorful. Thin fabrics are key due to the heat.


3. What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

Well...a lot. I have always loved to write. I've known this since I was about nine. I use to always write short stories, then hang them up around my room. I've always loved fashion and being able to express myself through it. It only made sense to start my own website.

I started Bomb Behavior three years ago as just an idea. It literally took three whole years to create my baby but the reward is present and I’m truly thankful people enjoy my work.

4. How did you style GCGme pieces according to your personal style?

The fabrics and style were perfect for vacation. The dress is so vibrant and with the versatility, it can be worn anywhere. The gauchos also are pretty cool because they can be dressed in anyway.


5. What is your take on gaucho pants? What are your recommendations on how to style gaucho pants; people often have this misconception that gaucho pants are only for loungewear, what are your thoughts on this?

I say fashion is subjective. People will like it or hate it. Gauchos are dope, simply because you can dress them in anyway. I like transitional pieces. Gauchos are the pieces you can add or subtract from to create a different look.

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6.  Tell us a little bit about the fashion trends you absolutely love and which ones you would like to see go away.

Lol, I really hate when people wear multiple brands across themselves. I like creativity in clothing, not a bunch of logos. Right now, I’m on this silk trend and trench coat trend. Thrift stores always have the best clothing.

“I like creativity in clothing, not a bunch of logos.

7. What is something that no one knows about you?

Oh man....well since you asked...not many people know that I know how to tap dance. Yeah, I said it lol.


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“When you buy with confidence,
you'll wear it with confidence.


8. As a fashion blogger and model what are your 3 biggest tips for women to feel confident and fashionable?

Don't buy trends that don't fit or flatter. Always try clothing on. When you buy with confidence, you'll wear it with confidence. Another tip is to uplift each other. Nothing feels better than a well meant compliment. I love seeing a woman's smile after I told her that her shoes were cute.


9. Do you have any other tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

Hey you...yes you. Don't forget to love yourself today. <3

Thank you Lex Henry of Bombbehavior to share her story with us. Make sure to follow her:


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