Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday is waiting around the corner and you better get up and prepare yourself for the biggest sales in the year. We are presenting you, top tips and trick to survive the Black Friday apocalypse.

Make A Wish-List

wish list pen paper black friday survival guide


Making a list of things you need will save your time and of course, money. It is better to know where to go and what to buy than just roaming around digging stuff out and fighting with other shoppers. Tick a list then go on to another section will make you, not only a very organized person, but you will also not forget what’s on your list and get everything just as you wished for.


Research On The Best Deals

A bit of preparation won’t hurt. You can do some research for the best offer on internet or ads beforehand, as you know that some shops do offer sales way before the actual day. This way you can keep track on what you have and need without worrying that there will be a cheaper price anywhere else. Here are the link for best Black Friday sales for all around the world. Visit Black Friday offer for online Shops – United Kindom if you are in the UK, or  Black Friday online Offer for The United States


Dress For The Occasion

tops shirt tank nice comfortable jeans sneaker trainers


Dressing up for this shopping spree is very crucial since more than hundreds of people are squeezing in a shopping mall and yet, have to fight for their lives for the best offer on the market. A combination of a pair of jeans, comfortable shirts or sweater and a pair of sneakers is the best way you can get out of this apocalypse. Try this versatile BETTY - Quarter Sleeve Top with Criss Cross Back to look cute and ready for the big shopping spree this Friday.


Bring A Team

squad shopping taylor swift bad blood


Reinforcements are needed. Bring your squad down the aisle to help you keep a wide eye for the best offer and stuff on your list. Whether it is your shopping friends, your children or your husband. Two heads are always better than one, they said.


Now that you are prepared, don’t forget to get some rest and fill up your fuel to go fight for this battle! Don’t take it seriously if someone stole the last one out of the shelf, you still have you family and friends back home because that was all Christmas is for!

You can practice your shopping skill before the big day with our Black Friday Sales here. Don’t forget to have fun!