Today, we’re introducing our latest addition, a line of natural beauty products under the brand L’NATUREL. We have all heard the hype of coconut oil and it’s right to be raved about. Coconut oil is such a universal and versatile product that can benefit everyone in one way or another. Here are our top beauty hacks for coconut oil and how to include it into your everyday beauty routine to get yourselves prepped for summer.

Pro tip: L’NATUREL Coconut Oil is 100% unrefined raw organic. It can be used as a liquid or solid form. When the temperature drops below 76 F, the coconut oil develops into a solid white texture.

HAIR MASKBeauty hack 1: DIY Hair Mask

Before heading to the beach or laying out by the pool, take a tiny amount (VERY tiny – you don’t want to look greasy) of coconut oil and comb through the ends of your hair. Put your hair in a loose bun or a messy braid. Not only will this moisturize your hair, it will also create a barrier and protect your hair from the sun and salt water. This will help fight against frizz and also increase shine in your hair.



Beauty hack 2: Shaving Oil

Use coconut oil in replacement on your shaving cream. Coconut oil will leave your skin smooth and hydrated while giving you a nice clean shave.



CHEEKBeauty hack 3: Cheek Highlighter

We’re all about that dewy glowy look these days. Achieve glowy and fresh skin by applying a tiny amount of coconut oil, preferably in sold form, to the tops of your cheekbone for a natural glow. Skip the compact powdered cheek highlights and opt for this natural yet beautiful product for the same sun beaming look.



Beauty hack 4: Body Scrub

After a day out at the beach or at the pool, pamper yourself at home with a DIY body scrub. Mix some coconut oil with sea salt or sugar for a DIY natural scrub. This will remove dead skin cells while moisturizing your skin, not to mention it smells so good! 




We are all about this coconut craze and understand all the hype around it. It really is such a versatile product and is the perfect “Beauty in a Jar.”

Check it out and do let us know what you think!

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