Getting closer to summer, what we wear gets shorter. Before we go and grab our bikinis out and head to the beach for a tan, let’s wear something casual for a bit longer.

What we have for you today are cute but elegant "Midi Dresses". Midi dresses are so convenient to style for that transition phase from spring to full on summer. The weather gets warmer and its time to show your skin some sun kissed love. Sashay in our top picks for you starting at only $25 a dress! (And if you are following us on our social media, our Independence Day SALE is going on! BARGAIN)

Before we get into details about the dresses, what if you already have a ton of midi dresses that you like right in your wardrobe? This would be an amazing time for you to reincarnate your dress and give it a new life! In one dress, there are thousands of ways to style it. We belove that a women will never run out of style and wearing the same clothes doesn't have to be boring. For example, every lovely lady has a little black dress that is right on top of the list. Yes girl, we are talking about you, we know you got one. Though you are wearing the same dress, every single time you wear it, it is different- sounds cliche but that is the truth. How you accessorize, do you hair, put on make up, all these things make YOU unique in any dress that you wear in your own style! If you need more inspirations on what you should do with your pre-loved clothes, read our blog about wardrobe cleanse HERE. 

Okay, get back to the topic and here is what you are here for. Midi dresses are easy to style and looks elegant for any occasion. Pair it with high heels for that stunning look or just sandals for a laid back brunch date.

Have a look at our midi dresses starting at $25. Yes, you heard that right. 

1) JENAI - Long Sleeve V-Neck Ruched Waist Midi Dress

A lovely option for the holiday season, as it is easy to wear, stylish and of course comfortable. This midi dress is available in a variety of unique colors which are great for you to find which one would best suit your style. Pair this dress with high heeled boots for a perfect fall look, or with dainty heels for a formal look! This dress is definitely a must-have.
The best part, the price is only at $24.95



2) ANITA - Crossover Wrap 3/4 Sleeve Cocktail Knee Length Midi Dress

A simple yet elegant looking 3/4 sleeve midi dress that can be worn to various occasions. Look professional and luxurious at the same time and accessorize it with your favorite long necklace. We absolutely love the style and it makes a great dress for afternoon/evening events. You will definitely be a head turner with a classic touch!
Price: $29.95



We are proud to present to you our elegant and modern midi dress with a removable belt that can be worn day to night. With the right kind of accessories, just wear this beautiful midi dress to semi-formal or formal occasions as per choice. This is one of our all time classic and best seller! 
Price: $44.95



4) ALLEGRA - One Shoulder Flutter Flattering Midi Dress

This show stopper! Stunning one shoulder maxi dress, that is no doubt a must have. This midi dress is figure hugging with a ruched on a body side and a flutter sleeve that adds a twist to the dress making it very dramatic and elegant. This dress looks regal on worn and would do complete justice to your look!
Price: $49.95



5) SABRINA - Cape Sleeve Mini Dress with Thin Leather Belt

Swoosh and sashay in a stunning mini dress featuring stylish, yet elegant cape sleeves. This design is truly unique, and the dramatic cape sleeves add a touch of elegance to this mini dress. This dress is versatile as it is simple yet extravagant in its own way. Thus, it can be worn for any kind of event, be it casual or formal! Swoosh ~ 
Price: $54.95



See which one is your style and leave the rest to us x

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Love you lots.

Aspen SImmons