Halloween is coming up and why would you wasting money on something you can only wear once? Try make the best out of your closet and bring out those maxi dresses you’ve worn since your best friend’s wedding and cast a spell on it! Here are some ideas to help you trick or treat like a boss (and also save cost for a one-day-party). What are you waiting for? Grab your old maxi dresses and let’s glam it up!

layla dress long kimono white maxi dress

Princess Leia from Star Wars

What you will need:

1. A white Grecian or long Kimono sleeve maxi dress for a more princess/fighter look. Try our LAYLA - Long Kimono Sleeve Evening Maxi Dress or SHELBY - Grecian VNeck Sleeveless Long Maxi Dress


2. Princess Leia best known iconic up-do is a must. If you don’t know how to achieve this, visit Sephora Singapore for a tutorial or even better, you can get this realistic Princess Leia headband to save time to get ready for your Halloween party.


3. This Blaster Pistol that can take out 20 Stormtroopers in a second! (Just kidding, there’re only light and sound coming out of it. Totally family friendly!)


star wars princess leia armed guns sexy outfit
got game of throne khaleesi danyres blue

Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen from Game of Thrones

What you will need:

1. An elegant sleeveless turquoise maxi dress with a hint of gold, accessorize you outfit with gold cuff bangles, arm cuff and plated gold necklace. Have a look at the perfect REYNA - Short Sleeve Cross Over Gold Lace Maxi Dress or this fabulous HAILEY - Sleeveless Elegant Crossover Wrap Maxi Dress


2. An Unbelievably long silky silvery white Targaryen wig that will take your Halloween costume to the next whole level!

To keep the party going, you can dress up your kids or your love ones members as 3 dragons and now you’ve become the mother of dragons! For more ideas for the dragon costume click here


turquoise one shoulder gold belt sexy greek goddess party costume
statue of liberty turquoise sleeveless crossover dress gold bangle

Statue of Liberty

What you will need:

1. A Flowy light blue or turquoise one-shoulder or Grecian sleeve maxi dress. I recommend that you should check out our, KYLIE - One Shoulder with Golden Braid Cocktail Maxi Dress

2. No torch or a crown? No worry! Visit this DIY Torch and her Liberty crown because who doesn’t love DIY!


statue of liberty ny new york america fashion gcgme


Batgirl from Batman

What you will need:

1. To make this costume happens you will need a black cape sleeve or bat wing sleeve to add the superhero look. Try our one and only SABRINA - Cape Sleeve Mini Dress with Thin Leather Belt to awaken your inner vigilante.

2. Top up your look with these affordable mask and accessory to fight all the villains on the streets here  

batgirl mask halloween costume black cat
elphaba green black maxi dress oz costume

The Good witch from the north and the wicked witch from the west AKA Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked

What you will need:

For Glinda the Good witch:

1. An elegant white flowy princess-like maxi dress like our SAMANTHA - Elegant Batwing Sleeve Maxi Dress

2. A crown is not to forget if you want to be the good witch of the north. Find a DIY matching crown and wand  here to top up your inner Glinda.

For Elphaba the wicked witch:

1. Any long sleeve black maxi dress will work well with this costume. Try our PAIGE - Elegant Ruched Long Sleeve Maxi Dress


Now you all have some pretty cool ideas for rocking your Halloween party. Don’t forget to tag us aand hastag #GCGme to show us your amazing outfits!