14th of February is almost here and we all are so busy finding the perfect outfit to wear on this very special night. There’s no need to spend more than $100 for the whole ne outfit when you can accessorize your oldies in the closet to look as fancy as a star!

 Sexy but classy: Black, red, white and maybe soft pink

Pick the classic colour that will go well with all kind of accessory colour (gem, gold, silver, rose gold). These basic colour will not only, make it so easy to dress yourself up classily, but also will keep your look elegant as well as sophisticated. I would suggest the red and black if you are feeling a little bit sexy. Or white and softer pastel colour for a sweeter cute look. The black halter maxi dress is for a sexier and glam look. White with sleeve Maxi dress is perfect for a modest look. Pink Maxi dress is always fun and lastly, the red long sleeve maxi dress is super sultry and elegant.



High heels

We all know it by heart that the perfect shoes for a night out is our friend/foe, high heels or flats. These shoes are generally designed to make your legs looks longer and shaped them beautifully as you walk down the street. Try matching and balancing it with your dress. If your outfits are full of details, go with a plain pumps or flats. And if you are wearing a plain or solid colour dress, this time you can play around with the shoes.

Go for a sling bag or clutch

I know it is a pain squeezing all your life in one tiny bag. But going out for dinner or a date doesn’t need your iPad, books or even a huge set of makeup. Try skip the tote bag or shopper bag and go for a tiny cute one that will perfectly fit your lipstick, phone and money in it. The smaller the bag is the better and easier you can do more stuff! Have a look here for on-going sale for the cutest clutch!

Go as yourself

This going out and dating thing is all about being yourself. Do whatever makes you the most comfortable and confident about yourself. Be you! But if you still need some ideas for your makeup and hair, go ahead and visit STAYGLAM and HAIRSTYLISM for sultry makeup look that suits you.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to be yourself and appreciated who you are. You should be happy every day, not just Valentine’s day or only on your birthday. Valentine’s day is the day a love and don’t forget to spending time with your love ones! And by love ones, I mean, not only with your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner, but also spending time your family, your children, friends or even pet does count too!

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