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Prom Dresses

Speaking of Prom, it is no doubt an important part of your high school event and all you want is to look the best! A prom dress or homecoming maxi dress can be long or short depending on how comfortable you are with the dress. We understand that this day plays a crucial part in your life and you are going to cherish each and every moment throughout your lifetime, as such it is necessary to analyze your body type in order to select the best prom dress. Let us discuss the various types of prom dresses that one can opt as per their preference.

Prom Dress Home Coming

Usually, prom dresses come in a variety of styles ranging from a short length, knee-length and a full-length. Selecting the correct length as per your body shape and size is important and not to mention choosing the perfect color is certainly a master feature. Consider all options, but select the one that is not too cliché, common or too expensive. Also, look for styles that were trending yet different from the rest as you have to look unique in your own way.  This will narrow down your search area and you can definitely pick that suits your pocket. Below we discuss the types of dresses that you can look forward to!

Evening Gowns: Well, without a doubt, long gowns look absolutely stunning on everyone. You can obviously style a long dress with a statement piece of jewelry and a clutch to match. Not to mention, you can increase your height 4-6 inches as the hemline would cover your feet too. Even evening gowns come in various designs and styles, for example strapless, sleeveless, one shoulder or even long sleeve maxi dresses. In fact, GCGme offers a wide collection of long maxi dresses or long maxi gowns that not only affordable but elegant as well. As maxi gown is win-win dress for a plus size or curvaceous girl. Try the Prom maxi dress with details around the waist as it makes your waistline look much smaller, giving a very flattering look. We absolutely love how simple it looks with the right amount of elegance and class.

Midi/Mini Dress: A short dress is totally acceptable to a point where it is not too revealing. Remember that prom is an event that you are going to cherish and recall all your life, as a result, you need to look your perfect best! Dresses that fall on to your knees look elegant and classy at the same time. Since prom usually takes place during the spring time so a short dress can be a bonus. You can always style your short dress with beautiful pair of stilettos or shoes that may add the much-required drama to the overall look :)

Thinking where to find all in one without the pain of walking through stores every day? Here comes the solution to all your nightmares, GCGme is an online store that offers a wide variety of prom dresses be it long gowns or short mini dresses. In fact, the store has a separate section that is dedicated to prom dresses and to mention plus size prom dresses are easily available as the size exceeds up to 4X. 

It is always advisable to not over do your dress and keep it simple. A prom is once a lifetime event and you are definitely going to cherish the moments and memories throughout your lifetime. So just be confident, and wear a smile as it is the best and biggest accessory that you can add to your overall look. Also, please have a look at the picture below that can give you a handful idea on how to style your dress with right accessory and shoes! Happy Prom Girls :)