As usual this year’s Fashion week #NYFW ended with some obvious statement trends for the upcoming season, and we are absolutely loving it! In all honesty, there are few “holdovers” from last year’s fall collection, but that really can be a good thing, as you can somewhat repeat your last year fall wardrobe while style being in style. Here is a list of the top 10 prominent trends for this fall, make sure you start collecting some of your favorites!



In case you didn’t get the memo yet! Chokers are in and here to stay. In fact, if you were stylish in the 90’s you can simply wear the same elastic one you bought then (if you didn’t already throw it out). But if you’re trying to go for a more sophisticated look grab a suede thick choker for a very flattering and chic look.

choker 90s retro nice affordable colourful



One of our favorites! Pant suits are flattering for all body types, easy to wear, less to think about matching as it comes ready made in a set for you! We also love the printed pantsuits as it is stylish, effortless and adds and edge to your style! A great trend to catch on for this fall. Pair this with loafers for a relaxed look, ballet flats for a proper look, and if you want heads to turn choose a pointy covered opts for pointed stilettos!

pants suit elegant working women girl boss sexy business



Yellow and pink always associate to summer and spring, but these tones are gorgeous colors for fall! It is actually quite nice to see some colors in this collection and range as fall and winter wear tend to be very neutral and basic. These make for a great color pop!

dust pink yellow mustard soft patel medel runway



If you’re anything like me, you have embraced this floral trend completely this summer and not quite ready to give it up yet! Well here is the good news, fall florals are in, so feel free to take out that maxi dress with the darker tone florals.

floral big prints dark colourful nice versatile



Although the off shoulder blouse was so in this summer and spring, it is still here to stay through fall! We love this look as it is comfortable, sexy, and yet classy. You can’t go wrong with a dark colored off shoulder blouse, hair in a sleek ponytail, and some skinny jeans for date night! If you’re trying to dress to impress, pair your choker with this look as well.

off shoulder solid colour sweet cute easy to wear



A very chic and stylish look to adopt, not to mention it looks so comfortable! Grab yourself a couple of neutral tone turtlenecks (black, grey, white) and layer thenm under your dresses for a complete fall and chic look.

turtle neck warm fall winter perfect trandy retro 90s print



While fall can be neutral and timid, this year feel free to add some gold metallic in your vibe! Metallic tones and shades are totally in this season and make such a statement look effortlessly, we love it!

metallic gold silver



This is staple, invest in a coat this color, we’re sure it is here to stay and it is honestly very easy to wear.

tan nude warm brown fall



A personal favorite of mine! Ruffles somehow add that feeling of “oomph” to any outfit. It dresses it up, adds a touch of elegance and flow and it speaks for itself so you can pair it with anything really.

ruffles lovely girly perfect elegant beautiful easy to wear



Always a must have for fall and winter! Fur is chic, classy, and not to mention, keeps you warm. Invest in a fur coat if this is something you wear often, if not, find a cheaper faux fur coat that gives of a more fun vibe and use it as your fall statement piece.

faux fur colorful warm nice fashionable high end


All in all, we absolutely love the trends we see for this upcoming season! We love the gentle transition made between the summer/spring trends and how there are some underlying lingering styles that are just carried over with a little change in color tones! Stay trendy and stay in style.


Lots of love,