very fashion week has its own vibe, a sense of exclusivity, style, elegance, hip, and nothing less than high fashion. As we all know, this year NYFW and LIFW set the bar quite high, but Bangkok International Fashion Week did nothing less. We best put it:  BIFW took it to a whole new level!

Cristiano Burani began his collection with a modest lounge mood, while his clothes spoke casual, chic, and comfort. The primary colors of his collection were black, white, grey with a splash of pastel hues and delicate sequence. We loved how effortless his clothes were, they were to the point, stylish, comfortable, and yet they looked stunning. These are some of our personal favorites from his show


A couple of drinks later, we were ready for “Kumaries in the Divine Temple of Love” by the renowned Nagara, a Bangkok based fashion designer. As we seated our selves, the ambience took us straight to India. The music was thumping with Indian instrumental drums paired with tall dark flickering candles on the ramp. Before you know it, the show begins amidst the darkness.

His clothes this year were gorgeous; each piece spoke to the crowd. He emphasized on a mix of Indian and Thai embroidery materials, paired with vibrant hues of pink, blue, yellow, and electric green. One of our favorite themes of his show apart from the clothes was the hair and makeup! Each model had elongated electric blue peacock inspired eye makeup, along with a head full of marigold flowers. Yes, we couldn’t ask for any more, they absolutely nailed it!

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As always, fashion week helps us finish the year with a bang! We’re inspired and motivated! We have lots of new designs coming up for this winter, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Make sure to stay in touch xx