Halloween Inspirations by GCGme

Halloween is coming up and some of you might have already have the perfect outfit to wear for the day but there are some of you who are unhurried and needs some pressure to generate ideas. Do not worry, GCGme definitely has your back!

We have over 200 styles for you to choose from with various colors you can mix and match for your flawless Halloween outfit. I will stop the random talk now and let’s get this thing started!

Outfit Idea 1: Princess Leia Coming Through - LONG SLEEVES Maxi Dresses Collection 


We not only have one but more than 5 dresses that would qualify perfectly for this look! Our wide selection of Long Sleeves White Maxi Dresses does give you a range of choices to fit your style. Have a pick and see which style would be your prince Princess Leia Halloween Spooktacular look! 

Outfit Idea 2: Pumpkin Princess - MAJE Cape Midi Dress in Orange

pumpkin princess

Look fabulous and feel extremely comfortable with our midi cape dress! This dress will have you feeling like a princess by swooshing around in your cape. Our Maje Midi Cape Dress is a highly versatile design that you can definitely wear from day to night on any day. 

Outfit Idea 3: Morticia Addamns - SKYLAR Long Sleeve Maxi Dress in Black 

Addams Family

Simply stunning and full of attitude with this fearless look of Morticia Addams. Our dress is perfect for you to achieve that dark and elegant look! Black is always the color to go for when in doubt. Nothing can go wrong with a black dress on Halloween day. 

Outfit Idea 4: Let Me Show You Some Magic - KRISTEN Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress 


A little sexy and playful dress that will look gorgeous if you are finding an outfit to be a magician or a witch. The vibrant purple maxi dress is playful enough to become any character of your choice and add your own imagination to complete the look. 

Outfit Idea 5: Anabelle 2.0 - SCARLETT Long Sleeve Midi Dress


To all our lovely customers whom are big horror movies fan, this outfit inspiraton is for you! 'IT' may be the trending horror film right now but before that we could never forget Annabelle. Insprired by they creepy but cute look, this dress with extravagant make up would pull it off amazingly! 



What do you think about these outfit inspirations? Of course you need to add your own flare to make it extravagant! Put on some make up on and splash some blood (fake one of course) you are ready to strut in your Halloween outfit.

But ladies, Halloween is just a one time a year on top of all other occasions. Head back to our website any time throughout the year to find your perfect maxi dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits and more for any occasion you are going for.

If you ever need any help in deciding which dress would suit you or any assistance at all, do feel free to reach out to us on any 7 days in the week! Our team is here and happy to assist you with whatever you need.

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