Tips to New Beginnings: A Clich



Goals, goals, goals! You hear this word all the time when it comes to transitioning into another year. It is normal and even a very good way to have what you want to achieve. It is like having a pizza for yourself after a 100 km long run. That feeling of satisfaction and success which every human being craves for! NOW, ask yourself what is your goal for 2018? You don’t need to have the answer right now - you still have two more weeks.

In the meantime, I would like to give you a few options and easy ways to maybe motivate you to tackle 2018 step by step. Lets get it going shall we?


1. Get out there and say YES! 5 times more than you did in 2017

 Don’t get me wrong, saying yes here means saying it to appropriate invitations -  quick disclaimer. Now that is out of the way, by saying yes at times, you don’t know how many doors that word will open to. If you already decide to give it a no, there is no way to learn from it or even begin your opportunity. You might miss a chance to meet your potential business partner or networks that could support each other or a new friend that will turn into one of your good friends. There is always an opportunity waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone. So, next time before your instincts say NO – think again and maybe give it a YES!


2. Add one more activity to your schedule

 Please do not be stepped back by the word activity. It can be anything of your choice! Be it yoga, fitness or even 10 minutes staring at the ceiling each day. Yes, you heard it right. What I mean here is, you need to make use of that time to learn more about yourself and reflect on how was your day – I will take more about it in point #5. I understand that once you work from 8-5 or some 9-6, you would think that you don’t have enough time to do anything else. I am here to tell you FALSE, there is always time if you make time for it. You can do anything my lovelies, when you set your mind and heart at it. Go on, add another activity to your list of daily tasks for yourself.


3. Have a one sentence clear goal: Like a marketing strategy

It is great that you have 5 – 10 goals but in reality, I think just take it step by step and bring it down a notch to a few goals that you will definitely tackle it in 2018. Don’t stop making goals along the way but have one supreme goal that you will achieve most definitely by the end of 2018. It is easier said than done so why not make it simple enough so it can be done. Always know that you are capable of great things! Have a positive mindset, a clear goal, a commitment – you are already half way to the finish line.


4. Listen to other people’s stories wholeheartedly

Different people go through different scenarios every day. One day is better than the other or maybe some days are your worse nightmares. In the darkest of times, all you need is just one person to listen and to vent it all out. YOU can be that person for your friend or any one who is in need. Your action may seem easy and simple but trust me, it means the world to the person who just needs a listener. Put yourself in others shoes and be the person you need when you are down for others. This act of kindness will definitely bring you unexpected good things that you very much deserve. At least, the feeling of making someone’s day better, is already a reward.


5. Just 2-5 minutes for YOURSELF, genuinely

I left it half way in point 2 about giving yourself time. After long work hours and all the good and bad scenarios you go through each day, it is important to give time to yourself and cheer yourself up. This is the time of the day where you leave everything behind and focus on your soul, spirit and wholeheartedly your true self. Take the time each day be it a few minutes or more if you need to reflect on the day and feel the love you have inside of you. It can be as simple as when you are completely blank and in the shower. Think about yourself and how far you have come as a person. Maybe reminisce about the good old days and see those around you that loves you. Trust me, this will tip will help with your emotional and mental health more than you think.


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I hope that these tips are useful to you more or less. Even though they are more of a common sense tip but I think it is important to have you motivated and reassure that you got this!

Lots of Love to my readers and GCGme lovelies.

Talk soon! x 


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