Create a Turkey Dish without Using Turkey

Sounds interesting? Well, Turkey is a major part of any thanksgiving dinner and what if we say that this year there is no turkey but turkey look alike! Be different create something without turkey but equally delicious, beautiful and healthy. Here is a link that provides some of the vegan/vegetarian form of turkey that is any day better than real turkey.


tofu turkey yummy vegan vegetarian lovely


Take a Family Vacation

While everyone prefers relaxing and enjoying the feast at home, you can be the change and plan something for you and your family to a nearby destination. Go and explore something new! A new town, city or a new country depending on your budget.



Pie Feast

Have a pumpkin pie competition J Invite friends and family over a pie feast and create the most innovative and delicious pie. Distribute it to your neighbors and share with family to celebrate it the best way!



Fun Activities at Home

Make this event a memorable one by playing some fun activities that involves people from every age group. There are so many different games such as passing the pillow or passing the pea. In this game every member has to catch pea with any of their body parts except their hands. If it falls on the ground you are disqualified from the game. Isn’t it exciting? You can play the same game using any other prop as per your choice.


Decorate Your Home Eco Friendly Way

How about going a little creative this thanksgiving? Bring some fresh flowers and put your creative hat on. Decorate your house with colorful bunch of flowers and see how it feels. Not only does it look beautiful but also makes you feel fresh and energetic. Here are some of the ideas for you to create some beautiful and creative flower décor.


flower decoration turkey thanks giving dinner house


Personalize Your Gifts

Instead of buying fancy gifts and wrapping those up in newspapers and wrappers just personalize your gifts for loved ones. Here are some of the gift ideas that you can consider:

  1. Paint a picture
  2. Bake Cookies
  3. Create artwork on canvas or anything that you can with bright colors
  4. Try pottery and make something beautiful
  5. Meaningful yet beautiful cards
  6. Make scented candles in different shapes for everyone
  7. Make homemade sweets, chocolates if you are great at baking

Having said that, no festival or celebration is complete without a beautiful dress. If you are looking for something beautiful trendy yet reasonable is one stop online clothing store where you will find a number of maxi dresses in various colors and sizes including plus size as well. So what are you waiting for? Just start preparing for thanksgiving and do not forget to share your pictures with us  J