Ah turkey day, a day where the family finally all gets together, cooks a massive feast and say what they're thankful for. But what should we be thankful for this year? 

1. Celebrity Antics

Whether it was the shock of Lady Gaga in yet a new and even more crazy outfit, it gave us something to really think about...she really is a real nutter. 

Stranger than strange as always with Lady Gaga 

Or watching in horror as Miley Cyrus spins out of control by twerking for her life, live on TV. Or stripping down and swinging on a wrecking ball, we have to be thankful for those moments as it gave us a lot of entertainment.

The twerkaholic queen herself Miley Cyrus 

2. Food and plenty of it!

Whether you're a turkey addict or breaking out the tofurkey this Thanksgiving, we know we're thankful for food. What's your favourite dish this year? Don't forget the desserts ooo pumpkin pie.


Mmm that's good Torfurky


3. Good Company and no I don't mean your phone!

It's those times when you're sitting down with the whole family and you wonder "why don't we do this more often?" After about half an hour you're reminded by the numerous amounts of questions, arguing and the nagging that you remember why having everyone in the same room at the same time is best that is doesn't happen that often. But yes, we should be thankful for family and those around us (no matter how many times they bring up embarrassing moments you'd rather not have told every year).


4. Black Friday

Oh yes it's that time of year where the madness begins with huge sales taking place everywhere. If you're brave enough to take to the store then best of luck. Remember to have a game plan so you don't end up coming back with 5 or 6 bathrobes just because they were 80% off, I mean really what are you going to do with them apart from have an awesome bathrobe party?



5. Fashion

How could we forget ever changing fashion? We are of course thankful for the new items coming out now. Take a look at our New Arrivals page.


What are you thanksful for this year? Let us know!