Floral patterns or Graphic prints can be challenging and complicated to put together but with our top picks, you are ready to go in minutes. Our maxi dresses are simple and elegant pieces that goes well with any occasion. Whether you are going for a lovely evening dinner or celebrating your baby shower, we have the perfect dress for you! Let’s get started with our top picks…

1) MELANIE - One Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress with Graphic Print

First off, go all out with Melanie, our one shoulder maxi dress that will definitely make you the center of attention. With geometric prints design and bright orange color, there is no way that you will not stand out. Melanie comes in two colors in orange and pink.

 Melanie Maxi Dress

2) FLOYD - One Shoulder Cape Sleeve Printed Maxi Dress

Two, another one shoulder dress but more toned down and very much suited for your evening plans. Floyd is a baroque pattern print with one sided cape sleeve to boost your elegance. Pair this dress with your favorite black heels and shine all night. This dress comes in 4 colors, black on white, white on black, red and royal blue.

Floyd Maxi Dress

Ava’s uniqueness is that it is a cap sleeve ‘wrap’ dress. The wrapping design will emphasize your body shape and make you look effortlessly slimming. The design is a pastel to light floral pattern which is great for starters who wants to explore prints. Ava comes in both bright tones and soft tones which includes red, royal blue, grey and pink. 

Ava Maxi Dress

 Since you are already here. Let me give you two more :) 

I would like to introduce to you the perfect maxi dresses for any women that tends to be more on the sweet and elegant side. Isla is a casual dress with floral prints and kimono sleeves that will be flattering on any body type. You can wear this dress all the way from afternoon night, it is perfect for your brunch date or casual dinner with close friends. Isla comes in 4 casual colors, black, white, royal blue and navy blue. 

Isla Maxi Dress

 Last but not least...

Inspired by vintage elegance, Primrose is the maxi dress you need in your wardrobe. Spring/Summer prints does not always have to be in bright tones but timeless patterns like this will always last. Accessorize this dress with a statement necklace and high heeled sandals, you are ready for any occasion. Primrose comes in 4 colors includes, the timeless black, navy blue, red and turquoise. 

Primrose Maxi Dress 



Which dress was your favorite?

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