Too much shopping and now you don’t have any space left to store your new season purchases!? Not to worry, here is our advice on what you can do with your clothes and make sure they are to good use.

We ladies are spontaneous buyers - anyone disagree?. No matter how much we want to ignore that fact, we do buy things just because we want it (but most of the time we “need” it! – there’s a difference). Our way of shopping is we probably buy a few shirts every week or worse, every other day! But seriously though, how often do we clear things out? If you are facing this issue or will be facing it soon, today is your lucky day.


Here is our advice to your closet cleanse:

1: Pay it Forward

 Pay it Forward (or just give it to your little sister)

As cliche as it sounds, giving it away to someone else that needs it more than you is really the best way emotionally. Acts of kindness does not have to be you driving all the way to a donation center, you can simply give it to anyone around you who might need it. Giving it away can be done at anytime - for example, you walk to work every single day and you spot a person in need. It can just be one jacket of yours but it will help the other person for the rest of winter. Kindness does not need to be in a bulk or carried by a big truck. You can simply pay it forward with one shirt a day to someone who needs it.  

2: DIY 

DIY: Reincarnate your old rags to style riches

I don't have to be the first person to tell you that DIY is IN and the ways to reincarnate your clothes is ENDLESS! If you don't belive me, have a lovely stroll down to your favorite fashion outlets - I promise you there has to be a riped jeans or tshirt in their collection. If you need inspiration? Pinterest or simply Google will be your bestfriend. Personalizing your clothes speaks very loud of your style. How many people would really take the time to the details and wear their own creation proudly! Especially with the clothes that are last season, what's there to lose? Have fun with it love!  

3: Return 

Return them where you got them OR Recycle Shops 

Sometimes donation is the first way that comes in mind of removing used clothes. However, big brands are promoting sustainability and are accepting used fabric from ANY brands for themselves to recycle. For example, H&M has a CSR Policy that they accept all kinds of fabric from all brands and in return you will receive a voucher to your next purchase with them. I personally like this idea of big brands stepping in the recycling game but the awareness still needs a boost.  

4: Love vs. Like

Know the difference between LOVE & LIKE 

Yes, I understand you that it is hard to pick one over the other. When separating your clothes, your mind has thousands of excuses to keep what you don't need. It all starts with YOU honey - you control your mind and body, control the temptation and do what is right! Differentiating that thin line between what you like vs. love and be brave to say goodbye. Every sad goodbye is a waiting game to the next happy hello! (new collections launch every season - hello!). Also, vintage is timeless! So, if you have a piece that you love and it is still in great condition - keep it for a long while and you will be a trendsetter, eventually. 

5: Earn some cash

 Earn some cash 

As a shopper, your money always goes out to the new collection and trends but what if you can bring some money back in to shop for more? This solution is perfect for any of you out there who hasn't clean their wardrobe for more than a year! The amount of clothes that you have should be enough for you to do a Kilo Sale. $1-$5 Everything or Garage Sale. Make it even better, team up with your style sqaud and have a lovely day out earning cash together. We people are always on the lookout for bargains. 


Whew...that was alot to read but hopefully it is useful to our lovely readers. 


On a sidenote, if you need to refill your closet with timeless and elegant dresses, you know we are always here for you 24/7. ALSO, keep a look out to our sales coming soon! Keep up with us and you will be the first to know about our latest collections, exclusive discounts and many more surprises!


Happy Closet Cleanse & Happy Shopping! X 





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Love you lots.

Aspen SImmons