Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo Pants

This loose fitted, wide leg flare pants also known as palazzos are back in fashion. Needless to mention they are absolutely comfortable and makes a great outfit for winter and summer season depending on how you style it. There are so many different ways to style a palazzo and can be worn to a variety of occasions depending on how you accessorize it. Palazzos come in innumerable designs and patterns and one can choose per occasion.

GCGme offers a variety of wide leg palazzo pants that can be worn to a number of occasions and events. The online store has a separate section dedicated to palazzos in different designs, colors and styles and sizes.

Styling palazzo pants can be tricky and it is necessary to find the right match for the outfit. There are a variety of different ways to wear a palazzo pant and here we list down a few. You can always pair your flare pants with casual shirts, leather jackets, crop tops or just shirts depending on the occasion. If you want a simply feminine look then you can pair it with a pretty lace shirt or a Satin shirt along with beautiful accessories. For an absolutely hippie look, you can pair your palazzo pant with a tank top or a long loose fitted top. Add accessories like a long beaded necklace for a great outcome. Palazzos can make a great formal outfit as well. All you need to know the trick to style it. Simply add a blazer, heels and wedges simple accessories and there you go for a completely professional look.

The store has a number of colors and styles of palazzos to offer. High waist palazzo pants are also trending. GCGme has a variety of high waist wide leg palazzo pants that one can look at. One of our personal favorites is HUNNIGTON – High waist embellished stylish pant. This comfortable palazzo comes with an embellished gold belt. This pair of pants can be topped with a crop top for a formal event or a tank top for a more casual function. This extremely comfortable pant comes in a number of colors and sizes. We absolutely love the navy blue palazzo pant as the color is beautiful and goes well with any color.

High Waist Palazzo Pants

How do you style a blue palazzo pant? Trust me, blue is the new black and looks great on each and all. Navy blue palazzo pants can be paired with any color, accessories and needless to say it looks fabulous. Wearing darker color or tones give wide variety of styling options. Pairing it with a full sleeved shirt changes the regular, casual look into a more elegant, flamboyant and formal look. You can also pair a navy blue short with navy blue palazzo for a jumpsuit sort of a look. Not to mention, neutral do wonders and definitely screams classiness. You can always pair a white shirt or a light pink top with your palazzo.

Palazzos also make a great beach/vacation/holiday outfit. If you are in no mood to wear a bikini or short floral dresses to the beach then you can always wear a printed palazzo pant. Just pair a pair of crop top or a bikini top/tank top and a hat and you will do wonders. Palazzos have been in fashion since the 60s and have made a great comeback. With varieties of options available, we are sure that you cannot go wrong.

Have a look at our collection as we are a few palazzos or in other words, wide leg flare pants available in a number of colors and sizes that exceed up to size 4X. Also, don’t forget to look at our high waist palazzo pants collection as it is new and we are sure you will definitely love it. Who says comfort and fashion cannot go hand in hand. Palazzos are just a great example of how beautiful a woman can look in these comfortable pants without putting in extra effort to make it look dressy. Hope you have a great time reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing about the different styles of palazzo pants. Have a great time scrolling through our online store and happy shopping ladies :)