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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

About GCGme

Q Does GCGme have any traditional retail stores?
Q Does GCGme sell in bulk or wholesale?
Q Where is GCGme located?
Q Do you use a website service provider?


Q Do I need to register (subscribe) with GCGme in order to make a purchase?


Q What kinds of payment methods do you accept?
Q Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Order Status

Q How do I check the status of my order?
Q How do I know when my order is complete?
Q How do I track my package once it has been shipped?
Q How do I know when my order will arrive?
Q What if my order gets lost or doesn’t arrive?


Q Does GCGme ship internationally?
Q How do I check the postage charge for an item?
Q Does GCGme provide discounts on combined postage?
Q How do I gain a quotation for combined postage?
Q Will I have to pay customs or duty tax?
Q How do you manage FBA?


Q What is GCGme’s return Policy?
Q What if I find that the item I purchased is faulty?

Privacy & Security

Q How do I know that my personal information is secure?

Sale & Discount

Q What items are on currently on sale?
Q How do I use my discount voucher code?
Q Something I previously purchased is now on sale. Can I receive a price adjustment?
Q How do I keep up to date with GCGme special offers?