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Online Strapless Maxi Dress Collection

off shoulder strapless maxi dress in blue for summer

In our summer outfits and beachwear, we also offer a wide range of strapless maxi dresses that can be worn to weddings, beaches, and even elegant cocktail gowns. These tube dresses look very formal when worn with delicate jewelry or even some statement chandelier earrings.

We also have a different range of sleeveless maxi dresses that serve as a unique and extremely comfortable cover-up! Having a wide range and variety of these summer strapless maxi dresses, we are confident that our collection is suitable for women of different styles, sizes and preferences! We also love the hues that are maxi dresses are available in. With summer around the corner, make sure to grab the lovely pastel and summery colors, as they make perfect beach dresses!

During your time at the beach, maxi dresses are easy to wear but also to dress up! Perhaps for your dinner by the beach, opt for a solid color tube dress paired with summer wedges and a bohemian headband, or, for a relaxed lunch with the gals pair a summer printed sleeveless maxi dress with some casual comfortable espadrilles. We love how the same maxi dress can be worn for different looks, and that is what GCGme pride on the ability for our unique designs to stand out from the crowd due to is versatility.

Also, for those who value high-quality material, GCGme’s strapless, tube, sleeveless maxi dresses and cover-ups are hand sewn from high-quality polyester spandex material, this allows your maxi dresses to flowy the right way, be worn for many years, and most importantly, this is what makes our maxi dresses so comfortable. These dresses come with elastic bands around the waist while some specific designs feature drawstrings, making these dresses extremely flattering as it accentuates your best curves!


strapless summer printed maxi dress

In addition to comfort, during the summer heat, the last thing you need is a tight fitting dress, these off shoulder maxis have a lovely flow along the perfect amount of comfortable breeze to be felt! It allows you to feel beautiful, comfortable, and stylish simultaneously!

Often girls have this understanding that long maxi dresses are hardly fashionable, or perhaps not ‘sexy’ enough for the beach! However, with some of our designs, this should be the last worry on your mind! Our strapless casual dress feature lovely designs and some even have a high slit, showing the perfect amount of skin!

Often times, when going for tube dresses, we love pulling our hair back into a low bun, and adding some flowers on the side for a Hawaiian beach date night look! It’s a different and creative look for the most of us, making us feel that much more unique and not mention it makes your date that much more special when you dress out of your element. If date night is not your cup of tea and hanging with the girls is more your thing!

One of our favorite ways of wearing is with twisting the material into a rope-like way and wearing the dress across your back, it what shows the perfect amount of back and looks so different from the rest! Pull your hair back in a low bun or side ponytail, add a dab of bright color lipstick, pair it with summer heels or wedges, and there you are, you’re ready to go! This entire look is simply elegant, classy, and just the perfect amount of sexy all in one! Quite honestly this is what we call a ‘must-have’ strapless dress!

Also, you might be thinking that this lovely tube, sleeveless, convertible maxi dresses can only be worn as sundresses or beach cover-ups. But these designs are quite versatile and can even be paired with a formal blazer for a corporate chic work wear outfit, cocktail party outfit or even a formal maxi dress and maternity maxi dresses for baby shower.

For instance, pair your tube black maxi dress with pointed pumps and a colored blazer for an important meeting, and we’re sure you’ll have a head turn at your stylish variation of work wear! Or maybe take your printed sleeveless maxi dress and add a solid color cardigan for a cozy relaxed dinner look! Honestly, these dresses are so versatile they can be paired and added with different accessories for entirely unique and versatile fashion statements.

All in all, with our range of solid color, graphic prints, and patterned strapless dresses we’re sure you’ll find one that suits and compliments your style! Whether you’re looking for something casual, high-end designer, or work wear, our dresses being extremely versatile, can be adapted for all occasions! Not to mention, our must have transformer maxi dress falls under all the categories above, depending on the way you want to wear and accessorize it!